Technical Projects

Below are several featured projects I have done, feel free to check them out or visit my GitHub directly.


  • Creating a native mobile application to help learn technical vocabularies with ease.¬†Supported OS: Android and iOS
  • User interface is built with React Native.
  • Data is stored in a NoSQL database with Firebase.
Current App Progress
Welcome Screen 100%
Home Screen 70%
Vocabulary Screen 50%
Settings Screen 70%
App Notifications 30%
Database 50%

Full Stack Serverless Web Application with AWS Amplify

A todo web app built with React, GraphQL APIs, AWS CloudFormation, DynamoDB, Amazon Cognito (for authentication), Amplify Console (for hosting), Amazon S3 (to store source code, meta data, project zips)

Chat Bot built with Microsoft Bot Framework and TypeScript

This is a chat bot that is able to answer specified questions and echo users’ inputs. Built with Microsoft Bot Framework and hosted on Azure.¬†

Autonomous Drone

This is team project where we programmed a drone swarm to be able to fly autonomously while syncing with each others. Drones are from TelloEDU and programming language is Python