"If you can't win, let the guy ahead of you break the record"

Attendee - Google Solution Challenge

Mar. 2021

The 2021 Solution Challenge mission is to solve for one or more of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals using Google technology.
I have Collaborated with 2 developers to built an Android application to improve sleeping habits by playing games. A demo of our application can be found below.

National Competition Finalist - Microsoft Hack4Good

May 2020

HACK4GOOD (Microsoft Business Applications Summit 2020) allow teams to collaborate to solve real-world problems for the non-profit sector using Microsoft technologies.
Responding to the urgent and severe lack of face masks during Covid-19, our team of 7 people has built a web application as a marketplace for donors and donees to exchange and donate masks to support first-responders and people in-need.
Our team has made it to the National Finalist.

Second Place - ENACTUS Shirtie Mask Mobile App Competition

Jun. 2020

After the HACK4GOOD (Microsoft Business Applications Summit 2020) event, we reformed to a team of 3 to build an Android application for ENACTUS City University of Seattle.
Our application is a marketplace for donors and donees to exchange and donate masks to support first-responders and people in-need.
Our application uses Ionic framework, MongoDB, Firebase, Angular, JavaScript.

Idea Creator - Start-up Weekend Seattle

Mar. 2019

In just 54 hours, participants learn how to create real companies, experience the highs, lows, fun, and pressure of a startup life. While guided by the very best mentors, investors, co-founders, and sponsors.
I joined as an idea creator and pitched my Alone Together mobile application. formed a team of 5 and currently working on publishing the application.
Alone Together helps connect lone travelers, making solo travel safer and more exciting.


First Place - MBA Case Competition 2017 City University of Seattle

Nov. 2017

City University of Seattle’s MBA Case Competition is held annually for MBA students to test and compete on business skills and knowledge. Each team is given a real case of a company that is facing problems. Participants have one week to determine creative solutions and best course of actions to present before judges.
During my bachelors, I have attended this MBA Case Competition with other 3 team members and together won first place.


The Most Independent Project Leader - ENACTUS City University of Seattle

Jun. 2018

Despite the lack of labor, intense time and pressure of work and study, I successfully got the city of Seattle and other partners to take interest in the “Fertilives” project of Enactus. In the appreciation of my independence and effort to lead “Fertilives”, contributing to the team’s 4th Place national competition, Enactus awarded me with “The Most Independent Project Leader”.